Why change your camera?

On many occasions people ask me some advise by upgrading their camera. They realize that the upgrade can cost a lot of money. Why should they buy a new camera? Which kind of pictures they’re meanly taking ? Are they ready to carry a lot of weight?

To answer all these questions one need time and a lot of reading, A lot of reading and comparing…

It is a stupid decision to change your brand unless you got someone behind for buying your old stuff.

The gain in weight is the main reason to buy something completely different. All my equipment exceeds the maximum handlugage weight but that’s ok. Before going on a trip there is always a dilemma. What will I see and what will I freeze on the sensor.

One must make choices for themselves, buying a new and better body in combination with the existing objectives will cost money but buying a better ( faster) objective can bring more satisfaction. With a more sofisticated body , one will still have the restriction of the existing objective. I did neither got all the pro stuff at once, I had to save a lot of money and have to wait a lot of time. In that time I was not always satisfied with the quality of the pictures,

At the end I suggest people to look out for a better objective instead of buying a new camera. My advise is not always followed …